The business industry dictates  how  sustainable and the strong a certain entity in establishing  project marketability.  Mega East Prop. Inc. is very much inclined when it comes to servicing  costumers of Real Estate variables thru its mother company (Sta. lucia Land Inc.)  here and several  countries abroad. (Singapore, Dubai and UK, London a few..) Embracing the faith of Real Estate Marketing  business  fortified our religious commitment  to sell  the Subdivisions , Condominiums, Golf Courses, Resort  etc. development across the country of our  committed  developer. The value of each costumer makes our people boost the definiteness to reach our  goal  and getting  our dream  and  to place real estate service  to the better and  in time in the best  status. Organization of Mega East Prop.Inc.  convey the discipline to perform and render  all the faculties that contain the essential informations  of  a desire investment of our client in time. Product  guarantees  the absolute ace quality that inspire our people to enthuciatically concentrate in real estate retailing. Value wise of the investment matches the financial extent of or clientele.   Developmental Seminars serve as effective tools to  elevate the level of service in selling of any kind of retail ,compelling to steady sustainable results that our consultants  to produce quality sales  and exert their flexibility to close clientele objections.

Megaeast Profile
Bobby S. Gonzales
CEO / President
Bayani G. Geronimo
EVP for Sales
Adelina C. Mendoza
Admin and Finance Head

MEGAEAST PROPERTIES, INC. is fast-rising to be amongst the industry leaders in the field of property marketing and sales. Its performance for the past 5 years has established this young company as the industry leader in the eastern area of the Metropolis.

Behind the success of the company is its partnership with Real-Estate giant Sta. Lucia Realty and Development, Inc. and the newly established Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. Initially a conservatively sized startup company, MEPI has ventured into new and dynamic marketing concepts that will no doubt seal its success and that of its partners, salesforce and staff for years to come.



To inspire hope


We are the nation’s number 1 preferred choice in the real estate industry


*To provide real estate properties and packages that are priced responsively and competitively

*To offer quality projects and services suitable and affordable to our diverse market profile

*To ensure saleabilty and marketability of our projects and project development

*To educate our clients to make wise decision in real estate purchase and investment

*To ensure profitability of the company and value of stakeholders

*To strengthen business relationships by providing innovative and dynamic marketing approach and strategies

*To delight our clientele with unmatched customer service