Rizal Technopark

Where Commerce and Industry Merge
Enhancing Your Quality of Life Named after our National Hero, who was himself a product of a fine family, here is Sta.Lucia Realty’s Tribute to a Man Ahead of His Time.

A commercial and industrial site that will grow steadily along with your family, the Rizal Technopark 2000 is an idea ahead of its time. As Rizal’s words sparked a revolution, today in the new millennium, it encourages Sta. Lucia onwards to contribute in making Calabarzon the destination of the future.

Live ahead of your time. See what this commercial zone of booming Taytay, Rizal has to offer:

  • Growth for small to medium scale enterprise, such as garments, furniture, and food processing. Lot sizes are vast to accommodate mass production facilities, and roads, electricity, water and security systems are all in place -key ingredients to an area’s progress.

  • Modern conveniences as supermarkets, department stores, banks, gasoline stations, and recreational centers are all being built for your family in Rizal Technopark, the park of the future.

  • Corporate Homes for People behind the Progress Technopark-situated companies may hold accounts for residences of their employees in our village. Sta. Lucia Realty and Development, Inc. and its subsidiaries are prepared to help in constructing homes for employees.

  • Easy Access Highway 2000.A new bridge over Manggahan Floodway in Pasig. A new highway along the circumference of Laguna Lake, crossing the towns of Rizal and Laguna. Three new routes -ushering in progress, allowing the smooth flow of raw materials, labor, and resources quickly and easily to Rizal Technopark.

Sample Computation

Features & Amenities:

  • A well planned modern community

  • Complete with social and recreational facilities

  • Multipurpose clubhouse

  • Basketball court

  • Tennis court

  • Swimming pool

  • Parks and playgrounds

  • Wide concrete curbs and gutters

  • Concrete paved sidewalks with shade trees

  • Underground drainage system

  • Centralized water distribution system

  • Complete electrical system and Mercury street lamps

  • Plot configurations of 1,000 sq. meter and up

  • Electrical power

  • Complete electrical distribution system to meet individual load requirements

  • Complete street lighting facilities

  • Water supply, 50,000 gallons overhead water tank and deepwells

Vicinity Map